Photo of me at an election day event standing in front of Elizabeth Warren.

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I’m Joe, I live in NYC, and this is where I put my thoughts that are too long for Twitter.

I've previously worked for Elizabeth Warren's 2020 presidential campaign, Blue State, and

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How Apple And Google Are Going To Enable Contact Tracing

A detailed explanation of the draft contact tracing specification Apple and Google released.

Apr. 2020
Contact Tracing, Explained

How extreme data tracking and testitng of the coronavirus can let our lives return to normal.

Apr. 2020
That feeling when your entire house probably got the coronavirus

The coronavirus highlights all of the reasons we need to move to Medicare For All.

Mar. 2020
The Feds Reaction To The Coronavirus, Explained

Numerous headlines have said the Fed is “spending” trillions to save the financial market.

Mar. 2020
Server Side Rendering React In Realtime Without Melting Your Servers

How was able to render content updates from a headless CMS on the fly, cache everything, and serve the entire website from an S3 bucket.

Mar. 2020
How redefined traditional campaign websites

Our favorite three words, Go To

Mar. 2020
Write unit tests for React Hooks

A simple test utility function for custom React hooks.

Oct. 2019